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Culinary Arts

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You have an important presentation or report to submit, but you feel nervous about pressing “send” because the last thing you want your audience to discover is a mistake that you may have missed. Having a professional revise or translate your work will prevent any grammatical, spelling, or translation issues from appearing in your final draft. You can have peace of mind that your message appears credible, professional, and clear.

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With 13+ years of experience as a freelance proofreader and translator in the IT and Culinary Arts industries, I’m capable of adapting quickly to the needs, quality standards, and requirements of any project. I want you to feel confident, knowing that your message is well communicated and tailored to your brand.

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IT Industry
  • User Manuals
  • Training Manuals
  • Web Copy
  • Marketing and Ads
Culinary Arts
  • Recipes
  • Product SKUs
  • Web Copy
  • Products Descriptions
  • Marketing and Ads
  • Brochures
  • CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Email
  • Speech
  • Presentation


I deliver high-quality translation and proofreading adapted to your needs and requirements. Having an assistant or automated service perform these tasks may be quick, but you can still be left with errors that can hurt your image and credibility.

Proofreading and Editing

It’s common to overlook mistakes in your own work, but when you want to gain new business, find employment, reach your audience, or protect your brand’s reputation, error-free writing is essential. I’ll ensure your text is ready to impress.

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Quality Assurance

Demonstrate your high standards with the final touches on your project. I’ll help ensure that all details of your document are perfect, from formatting and consistency to a smooth flow of text.

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  • English to Canadian French
  • French to Canadian English

Market to a Canadian audience. Whether translating to English or French, I will ensure your text accurately reflects your message, flows well, and is perfectly localized.

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